From the outset of any land development, the risk of unforeseen environmental challenges can undermine not only the timeline of the project, but its entire viability. Let us use our network of disposal options and handling of bulk volumes to minimize the disposal cost to your project. 

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By working with your environmental consultant, we’ll take a customized approach based on the scale of project and contamination level on your site to ensure you get the best solution.

  • Excavation
  • Transport
  • Disposal
  • Soil Remediation & Water Treatment
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Efficient and affordable removal of contaminated soils.

We are able to safely, responsibly and cost effectively handle a range of soils including Hazardous, IL+ (with both hydrocarbon and heavy metal contamination), CL+, and salt laden. We can also provide services across this range, from excavation, transport, disposal and remediation.

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Low-touch, effective water treatment for construction and development sites.

High turbidity water accumulation from seasonal rainfall or existing groundwater can slow your project down. If the water is contaminated with heavy metals or hydrocarbons, safe removal and discharge becomes even more complicated. Our portable treatment systems are self-dosing, portable and modular. System components can be added or removed to meet the fluctuating water conditions on your site. 

Solids removal:

  • Removes solids from your water for safe discharge to storm, sewer or re-use on site
  • Uses a passive dosing process for reagents 
    • Self-dosing based on the incoming feed water characteristics
    • Tailor the reagent selection to the specific application 
    • No pumps or power required for dosing 
  • Solids settle in the tank, and clean water flows out of the bin
  • Hands-off, worry-free operations
  • Cost effective, reliable solution for construction and remote camps
  • Pump the water to our bin, it can gravity flow down to the sewer or use the integrated discharge pump to discharge the water further or to higher elevations

If contaminants are present:

  • Additional treatment steps can be added as needed to remove metals or hydrocarbons prior to discharge

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Westshore Southern Vancouver Island Development Site

Water Treatment, 2019

The problem: A large development is under construction at an excavated site. Water collects in the work site which stalls progress until dewatering can be completed. The client wanted to discharge water into the storm drain that feeds into local streams which are a salmon habitat. Due to the high sediment levels in the water, this client required a treatment process to reduce TSS loading because of detrimental harm to aquatic life. 

Solution: We designed and installed a physicochemical treatment to remove solids and produce clean effluent safe to discharge. Weekly site visits and regular testing from our team ensure the system is performant. 

Coagulation, flocculation, settling tanks, sand filtration to capture remaining solids, and clean water can be discharged directly down the storm drain. 


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